What if your technology department was truly supportive to the mission of your organization, and not just supportive to machines and applications?

The FantasTechs has an exciting philosophy which is centered around empowering our clients to improve their lives as a result of the technology resources available to them. We recognize that the reason you need support for your technology resources, or even the resources themselves, is to accomplish your mission and tasks more efficiently.

The FantasTechs delivers a strategic combination of all levels of computer, server, network, and technology support, along with Chief Information Officer (CIO) level expertise and experiences, to change the way you think about the role of the “Tech guys” in your organization. We aren’t information services, or Information Technology… We aren’t service providers or just consultants. The FantasTechs supports you: In your school and in your technology-infused world.

We provide extensive expertise, with on-site, dedicated technicians and ongoing senior-level oversight and management to better manage all of your technology… From removing viruses to moving to the cloud!

I encourage you to find out more about putting the “support” in Technology Support.