School Technology Experts

Our "Tech-Plus" approach differentiates The FantasTechs from other technology firms by bridging the gap between technology experts and educational administrators. Our blended background of real school experience allows us to lead, manage, and support your District's technology to finally achieve classroom-impacting solutions to help you reach your goals: Increased Student Achievement.

Redundant, Multi-Tiered Support

Gone are the days of being held hostage by the one "Tech Guy" that knows all things tech-related in the district. Partner with The FantasTechs and we will provide all levels of support for your District. CIO-level leadership and management, network administration and support, and Desktop Support. Now you will have the piece of mind knowing that you have a consistent, reliable resource that will always be focusing on leverage technology to meet you Schools' collective goal: increased Student Achievement!

"FantasTech" Services, which all include "Tech Plus":

  • Chief Information Officer Solution (Full Time or Part Time)

    Whether your School has a few hundred students, or a one thousand person staff, The FantasTechs has the educational and technological experience and expertise to provide the support, management, leadership and vision to impact your students' learning experience, through enhanced implementation of technology resources.
  • Tech Audits and Assessments

    So many school make assumptions about the health of their technology. The truth is, many districts' Admin team have nearly unliited expertise in education, but very limited experience in technology. How do you know if your School's technology is healthy? How do you know the direction in which your technology is moving? What is your Technology Vision for your District? The FantasTechs comprehensive technology Audits and Assessments can help you get a full understanding of your technical streenths, weaknesses, and direction. More importantly, we will assess the current support structure and its ability to be supportive to the teachers and, ultimately, the students in your school.
  • Supplemental and Ongoing Support

    We can help streamline the support process by providing your school 4 hours per week of supplemental support, or one or more FTE's to add to your existing support personnel. Remember that the more classroom-based technology you add, the more hours of support you will need.
  • Network Administration

    Our team consists of every level of expertise, from desktop support, to network administration, to Cabinet-level, CIO experience. If you need it in your technology support department, The FantasTechs can provide it!
  • Technology Planning and CIO-Level Oversight

    The FantasTechs will bridge the gap for you between your Admin team and your IT team. With vast experiences with all of the following, The FantasTechs can help your District plan and strategize: State Technology Plans, selection of new SIS providers, implementations of new hardware and software replacement cycles, BYOD and one-to-one planning, Wifi deployments, etc.
  • Rapid Response (R2) Tech Team

    The FantasTechs' R2 Tech Team service provides a local, St. Louis-based help desk for your staff, as well as 24/7 monitoring, remote support, and a managed-service approach to server and network administration. Call today for the most efficient, streamlined combination of on-site and remote support to help your district achieve its goals.

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