I am six months into a love affair, and I feel like I have been cheating on my iPad.

I was once attached to my iPad like a toddler to his blankey. I took it everywhere… I took notes with it at all of my meetings, my kids and I played games on it together, I did 90% of my communications (Email, Internet browsing, note taking, etc.) on it.

About six months ago, I was distracted by a shiny new toy: Microsoft Surface Pro with i7 processor, 8 GB RAM, and a 512 GB SSD. I will admit, I had my doubts that it could really take the place of my iPad and my laptop, but it really has. My poor iPad is now collecting dust on my desk, as it just doesn’t have a use anymore. I have become more productive because I don’t have all of these games and entertainment apps staring at me all day, begging to be played.

My Surface Pro’s battery lasts through the better part of the day when I am using it for routine tasks, like Email, notes, and research. Meanwhile, at a moments notice I can design a Visio diagram, develop an Org Chart, tweak a sales presentation, or connect to a Google Hangout video call.

I shelled out some real money for my Surface Pro, but it worked out to be a more economical method to accomplish all of my professional computing goals. I am all over the place (literally and metaphorically) on a day to day basis, so mobility is paramount for my device… That being said, I need to be able to do REAL work, and not just consume information like an iPad enables you to do. My Surface Pro is the best computer I have owned as it provides the fun of a cool info-consuming tablet, with the power and agility of a high-end laptop or ultrabook.

So if you call to ask me if you should purchase an iPad or a laptop, expect me to say NEITHER!

-Rob Corley

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As Managing Partner for 12 years, Rob Corley’s experience with managing technology budgets of up to $750,000, creating replacement cycles for hardware and software, writing 3-year Technology Plans and Technology Audits, managing technology departments, and managing a staff of 10 technicians, provides the advanced CIO-level support and management necessary to ensure smooth technology operations as well as well thought-out plans for moving organizations forward with technology. Rob’s experiences in technology management range from systems and network administration, to fulfilling the role of Chief Information Officer for School Districts, as well as serving on a Superintendent’s Cabinet. These experiences provide The FantasTechs excellent depth and breadth of leadership with technical expertise, along with experiences with managing and navigating complex projects for Private Sector and Public Sector organizations. Rob lives in St. Louis County with his wife and three children, where he coaches soccer and serves as a Board Member on the local Sports Association.


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