The Faces behind the voices!

Meet our team. We’re problem solvers. Creative innovators. Connected networkers. In a constantly changing industry, our knowledge and depth of experience is our greatest strength.

Rob Corley

Rob Corley (Managing Partner) brings over 15 years of technology management and support experience, including tenure as Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a school district, Technology Director for businesses and schools alike, technology auditing, and Cabinet-level advisory for Superintendents.

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Chris Corley

Former Principal of Brentwood High School in the St. Louis area, has thirty-two plus years of experience in education and ensures that The FantasTechs truly understands the needs and nuances of businesses and educational institutions. In addition, Chris keeps us focused on excellent communication skills through all of our support and consulting processes.

Jason Crahen

20+ years of experience as a Network Assassin and Systems Abbot. I have overseen numerous IT Projects and roll-outs, the likes of which are rare within the 9 galaxies. I have mentored and coached IT staff for 15+ years. As an experienced Systems Architect, I have redesigned networks, server solutions, fail-over solutions, super confidential type stuff... My outside hobbies are teaching Kung-Fu, playing the guitar and aggravating my 4 teenage/adult children.

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Teri Green-Manson

As an innovative IT Leader with more than 14 years of combined experience in the telecommunications, education, and technology services industries, I have led and planned IT infrastructures, software product deployments, and strategic operations. I offer extensive experience leading start-up revitalizing IT infrastructures for companies and delivering high quality technology solutions on-time and on-budget.

I have the proven ability to provide senior leadership in establishing IT strategy, goals, and priorities for large and small companies. Key strengths include communicating corporate vision, information systems management, IT Security and creating a culture and work ethic that will maximize efficiency and team performance in the organization. Having successfully managed multiple large-scale technology projects, network and system infrastructures as well as built and led top performing teams servicing users globally, my expertise is extensive and highly unique. All while playing my guitar protecting compliance is guaranteed to be my next hit song!

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Austin Bregg

Austin Bregg is Chief Financial Officer at The FantasTechs. His focus is on financial and profitability management, Financial reporting, Human Resources, Business sales and relationship management. Living by the quote "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever" he a passion to never stop learning, 16+ years experience in Information Technology has been a perfect fit for his quest for knowledge. When he isn't working he enjoys playing poker, riding his street bike, ping pong, volleyball and traveling.

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Shawn Parker

As CTO of the Fantastechs!, I provide strategic management of technology projects and initiatives in client districts. This includes supervision of multiple Missouri public school district IT personnel, technology planning and development, procurement of hardware and software assets, and systems/network architecture and engineering implementation.

As a member of the Sr. Leadership team for the organization, I work closely with other members to drive organizational growth and development.

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