Corley Pritchard Osborne Technology Solutions, LLC (DBA: The FantasTechs) is a technology consulting company, which specializes in business and educational technology support and the assessment of the use of technology in the pursuit of increased productivity and decreased costs over time.

Rob Corley, Managing Partner

Rob Corley (Managing Partner) brings over 15 years of technology management and support experience, including tenure as Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a school district, Technology Director for businesses and schools alike, technology auditing, and Cabinet-level adisory for Superintendents.  Chris Corley (Partner and Educational Liaison), former Principal of Brentwood High School in the St. Louis area, has thirty-two plus years of experience in education and ensures that The FantasTechs truly understands the needs and nuances of businesses and educational institutions. In addition, Chris keeps us focused on excellent communication skills through all of our support and consulting processes.

Rob founded the consulting business in 2000, focusing primarily on small businesses. Upon retirement after 32 years in education, Chris Corley, Partner - Edu LiaisonChris joined the company as an active partner serving as our Educational Liaison. As a result of his active involvement, The FantasTechs has accurately identified the urgent need for quality technology consulting and support in the educational arena.

Consequently, we have focused and specialized in business and educational technology consulting and support, and has been very successful in assisting businesses and schools throughout Missouri and Illinois in improving their technology. The FantasTechs is pleased to continue growing its presence in Missouri and Illinois within businesses and schools. Our on-site, outsourced programs provide cost-effective solutions for outstanding troubleshooting, management and guidance for your technology needs.
Partnered with Pritchard Osborne, LLC, an accounting firm providing CPA and business advisory services for over 25 years in Missouri and Illinois, The FantasTechs has vast amounts of experiences and knowledge throughout its business network umbrella. This partnership enables us to bring business class accountability-based support to the residential, business and educational environments alike.

In 2009, The FantasTechs opened a new retail location in Des Peres, MO, now at 11278 Manchester Rd. This centralized location allows us to provide outstanding in-home and in-office support for our clients and customers that are in need of assitance with technology troubles. This location also provides a working technology lab for us to repair, build, and troubleshoot computers and other technology-related devices.——————————————————————————–